Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Snowy Days...

Okay, I admit it...There are some things I love about winter. Yeah, I could do with out the claustrophobic, cranky, and crazed house bound children (to be clear: not the children, just mostly the crazed part). I could definitely do with out the dry and itchy skin that plagues me from November to April no matter how much water I drink, how I humidify, or moisturize.

But I love fresh fallen snow. I love (yeah sometimes I do!) being stuck at home, some how the snow makes me want to accomplish things. This is what we did this morning:

It's either a chicken or a dinosaur! Mad e out of one of hubby's old socks.

This one is a monster.

A flutterby...butterfly sock puppet.

We named her Daisey, she is a Southern Bell with a sapranoy southern bell voice, she really does!
I am so enjoying "3" so far. Don't get me wrong, some of the new independence stance and frustration is ...frustrating (draining, exhausting, horrendously hard, and sometimes depressing [because I am not handling it the way I should]). But the new skills, the new interests, the new little conversations, the new daily joys...Makes my heart want to bust!

We also pulled this out of the basement: The intent was to make it into a "sock puppet thader", but it turned into a ginger bread house (the beads were Christmas decorations we were taking down), and a sled, and a cage. I love large card board boxes, now home with small children should be with out it...It was hours of exciting fun this morning!
Note to self: I need some tempera paint, badly. It would be so fun to paint on that box.
Can you tell I have a new camera? ;0)
So now I need to stop typing and go bundle up 2 small goobs and take them OUT in the snow...Roo has been asking all day.

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