Monday, January 10, 2011

Sigh of Relief

I have 8 minute left of my morning time before The Cat In The Hat is over and I need to start the day, for real. My tea is done, it's been lovely.

Today my goal is to be IN THE MOMENT. So I'll be logging off the computer, diving in to life with my girlies.

DH was gone yesterday from 9:30-3:20 and I think it really refreshed him...He walked in the door and I walked out. :0) I went over to a local whole foods store that has a cafe and sat and drank chai and ate a little food...Then went and wandered around Target and found some snow boots on clearance: so I can now go out and play in the snow with my girlies! Excitement, no snow in my socks.

I'm feeling a little shaken about some other things, but I feel so much peace about what this hard and exhausting weekend has brought us. A learning experience.


balance baby.

I need to run Friendly is nursing and I just can't concentrate, we're working on nursing manners.

Oh and she had an AMAZING night last night wooooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!! I moved our bed a bit and she's right near me now, she likes it.

Okay gotta run.

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