Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Freedom in the "Pause"

I'm still thinking on what it means to "Love Thyself"... I've been finding myself turning inward in a healthier way. Today the girls were in a moment turning ugly, it happens about 100 times a week (literally) and I never know how to respond...I get afraid some one is going to get hurt, and I get angry when some one does. They were seeing more anger than help.

I'm not feeling well today, haven't really been this week (AF is still a no-show! Either having bad PMS or need to test this weekend). Just tired and headachey. Anyway the girls had been playing nicely and then a fight broke out over a toy. Instead of tensing up and jumping off the couch to separate them and take the toy. I laid there and just focused on myself. What do I want them to do? Why am I frustrated? I validated my feelings. Yes, I don't feel well, it's really been a rough few days. And this IS so frustrating as I feel like I do the same thing over and over and over again. It's okay to feel rotten and not want to do this. But your kids need you right now- so let's set that aside and focus on: how can you help them?

I can't remember what I ended up doing, honestly! Testament to how tired I am? But whatever I did, it diffused the situation!

I have heard of this concept, of talking yourself through situations...Validating your feelings. But some how it clicked today. I can love myself, take moments for myself by taking pause. By acknowledging my negative feelings I can handle them better...Freedom!!!

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  1. This is something I definitly am working on. I find when I am most frustrated it is for selfish reasons and I am not thinking about her and why she is doing what she is doing. Patience is a daily prayer!


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