Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Would I Have Said?

What I would have told myself? So much! You WILL make mistakes. You'll be a happier Mama when you accept that. God gave you instincts and they make YOU an expert on your baby, listen to them. Even if it feels like trial and IS trial and error. Think outside the box to meet every ones needs, including yours. (It's okay to hate it some times). All personalities are different and your baby is unique: you will fall in love with each child at different times and in different ways, there is nothing wrong with that. It doesn't have to be immediate.Ask for help. Take time to enjoy your newborn, they disappear so fast. Accept the season you are in, it will pass all too quickly. This too really will pass, seriously. Those breathing exercises you used in transition? They will be a life saver when your kids are pushing you to the brink. Not kidding. And your heart really won't explode over their amazingness, it really won't..?

Here's a video on what other Mamas would have said!

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