Monday, September 27, 2010


Parenting is like a corkscrew. When your baby is born you are at this very tiny point. Life is small there for a while. Every thing revolves around one basic thing, your baby. Learning who they are, enjoying them...Figuring out how this thing called parenthood is going to be.

And as your child grows, you circle up the corkscrew. Going around and around the same base issues for each child are always there, changing slightly with each circle up. Giving you the opportunity to explore and experience them further. Learning harder and deeper lessons of the things you failed to internalize before...Discovering new triumphs and joys as you watch and grow with your child.

And then you have another child and a new corkscrew is stuck into the bottle-of-life -that-is- parenthood. And around and around you go until you've got a good grip on the whole thing. Or ...Well I'll stop with that analogy because it ends a bit messy- drinking...I mean celebrating but ...yeah, messy.

I had one of those moments this evening...Digging back through the archives of my mommie blog I found this post. Ah, to learn this lesson more deeply. I so struggle with my emotional toddler. The crying, the big feelings the sometimes over the top-ness of the drama that is 2 [years old].
I don't' want to force her to stuff her feelings. Her crying or emotions are not a reflection of my job performance as her mother.

More later, need to put 2 little wonders in their beds.

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