Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Kissed Sugar Goodbye

In an attempt to get some digestive issues under control and bring my digestive tract back into balance. I've had I started a new "diet". I'm not dieting, but I am changing my diet. Big time! For the next 40 days: No more sugar...or refined carbohydrates. I'm also trying to limit gluten in-take to see how I feel.


In all seriousness, I recently read the Maker's Diet, and I really liked the straight forward "eat healthy, here's how: avoid these foods." For some reason it clicked. So I'm taking on a version of the 40 day challenge. Since I'm breastfeeding (with no intentions of full weaning any time soon) I don't feel comfortable taking on the whole shebang. But I am taking some of the stuff to heart and making some changes. Goodbye, Sugar! Goodbye, refined carbohydrates and junk food.

I'm sure I may occasionally enjoy treats after the challenge is over. But I am honestly addicted to sugar and it needs to end.
I started on Tuesday morning and WHOA! I can't say how awful I feel. :0. I'm not craving junk food actually. I just feel gross, sick actually. I'm sticking to more protein and fruits and veggies with a bit of whole grains, but ewwww. They say you'll feel much worse before you feel better. The biggest thing I've noticed is sweat. It is muggy but I have sweat running down my face way more than I ever have! Drinking like crazy...And Amity's nursing habits haven't changed so my milk supply seems fine so far.

Just wanted to write about this here, need some accountability!

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