Monday, July 12, 2010

Let it be Noted...

A friend just informed me that she had a dream that I had SEVEN Children...

And I quote (from our facebook convo):

"I moved and you lived in the house next to us. So we were new neighbors. You asked if I'd like to come by to visit & get to know each other. I went over and you said that you had to go to court, but that I should come with you that it wouldn't take long. I said I'd go, and we start loading up your burgundy suburban. I asked if there'd be enough room and you said there should be, but there were 10 kids total with my 3 (which I only have 2) and your 7 lol. I started to hear a baby cry far off and woke up to Lily crying in the hallway lol!!!"

Jamie, I sincerely hope that is not some sign of my future...But like I said, the thought of the burgundy suburban makes me laugh!!! If I ever do have 7 children I honestly think I totally would be like "Sure what's 3 more?!? We'll squeeze them in, to hell with carseat laws!"

*Laughing, in terror, but laughing!*

Okay random post but let it be noted: According to Jamie my future holds at least 7 children.

I'm afraid it might hold even more. Ever had a niggling almost sinking feeling that God was calling you to some thing so big you knew it would have to be completely Him for you ever to be able to even wrap your brain around it? [how's that for a run on sentence?] Well I have that sinking niggling feeling that my future holds MANY children that I will raise and call my own.

sigh. Only God could pull that off because at the moment I'm DONE...Okay I'd like to snuggle a baby boy, I've really started praying about that, I'm almost ready to think about #3, not to get pregnant but at least THINK about it. ;0)

So if I ever do have more than a handful I think I will be one maniac of a Mama. But what's funny is that I could see myself there... I wonder what I'll be like? Probably so crazy that I don't bat an eye lash at dragging TEN children and a friend to court with me. *still laughing*

Oh Jamie, I'd totally make you take care of them all for the "not too long" that I am in with the judge. Crazy-mama-me of seven children would do that...I'd get "not too long" just to myself. ;0)

And that is what I'm enjoying now. Both girls are making up for the busy weekend and taking a solid nap...And now that I've written that they'll both wake up.

That dream really tickled me. Sure makes me feel better about just being Mama of two right now, one day at a time...

(P.S. Have I mentioned Jamie and I have never met in real life? Thank God for all the amazing Mom's I've connected with over the last few years. An eclectic group with different ideas about parenting, but they sure bring a lot of zest to life! Seriously.)

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