Monday, April 19, 2010


I wish I knew what was wrong. My stomach has been queasy and achey for the past week. Not sure what's up but its' so annnoying.

I don't think I'm pregnant. I mean if I'm preggo it's an absolute miracle. But whenever I get queasy like this it makes me nervous. I'm not exhausted like I'm preggo, so I'm probably fine...I just hate when my tummy is all weird. Sticking to easy-on-my-tummy foods for the next day or two and see if it improves...I think it's allergies.

So some things came up, my Mom sent me an email message about the kitchen last week... How messy it always is. So this past weekend Ryan and I washed every thing as we used and guess what? There was still a big mess in the kitchen!!!!

I feel vindicated, it wasn't just my being a terrible lazy slob, I was in fact cleaning up a LOT of my brothers messes- and being blamed for them.

That's a nice feeling. Going to continue just washing up every thing we use as soon as we use it- will certainly take the strain off.

Now off to do some 5 minute challenges. I set the timer for 5 minutes and see what I can do in that time. It's an awesome way to get cleaning done.

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