Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Planning

So I'm starting to plan Amity's 1st Birthday. I am SO excited about a summer Birthday party!!!!

And since Amity has a big sister who has friends we'll be doing some fun things this year.

The theme?

Chalk and Bubbles birthday party.

Have you ever heard of chalkboard spray paint? Well I'm going to take some old boxes break htem down and lay them out flat and spray paint them with the chalkboard paint, we'll lay them out on the back deck and the kids can decorate and draw with chalk. Also every one will get a litlte "chalk board (made with cardboard sprayed with chalkboard paint, and foam frames from the $1 store). Also a little box of chalk from the $1 store (or walmart them for $1 as well some times) and a bottle of bubbles as favors.

Also Amity is getting a bubble blower (like this but with Pooh bear of the fisher price puppy one) for her birthday and we're going to turn on some music and do the bubble dance and play games with the bubbles.

The invitations will be black construction paper and gel pen in bright chalky colors. We'r eonly sending out like 4 or 5 invitations (as we only have a few little friends who would actually want invitations). Everyone else is getting a facebook invite. :0D

I think we'll do a cook out with hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, or maybe we'll do what we did for RJ's birthday: meatball sandwiches an bbq...Also add a macaroni and potoato salad since it's a summer party. :0)

I think that will be it. I think we'll be able to pull it off pretty inexpensively and still have a lot of fun- indoors or out! Oh and we'll have the sprinkler going if it's a good warm sunny day and the litlte mat pool water play mat thing I got Amity for Christmas for the smaller babies.

I'm excited. I feel like Amity's 1st Birthday is a really big milestone for me. I hate that RIley's birthday is a kind of hard day for me still- lots of blurry hard memories...I want her Birthday to be fun for her...But this first birthday for Amity- I want to celebrate for ME.

If that makes sense, which I doubt.

I gotta run...eating up my quiet kid-free time. The girls are acutally napping at the same time!

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