Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I guess the arrival of the mini van has really made the fact hit home. I'm a Mom. I've known this, in a way. Hello, I've been a sleep deprived zombie 20 or so months out of the last 2 years.

But other little things are hitting me. I guess turning 25 seemed like a big milestone. Not old, but not "early 20's" any more. At the doctors office today listening to the Opthomologist explain every thing to me then it came to RJ's eyes. I've had LOTS of doctors say "Okay, Mom this is what's going on...." but today some how hit me. I'm the MOM.

I have TWO children. I feed them, clothe them, bathe them, dress them every day... It takes 20 minutes to get ready to go anywhere. I pack them up in their coats and hats and blankets. I make sure they have diapers, used the potty, have sippies, that I'm wearing a shirt that 1) doesn't have snot or spit up in a conspicuous area. 2) that I can nurse in with out showing off my mama tummy (ie. muffin top, stretch marks, general doughiness)... I lug about 70lbs of paraphernalia and children out to the mini van...load every thing and everybody up and head off to whatever errands await me.

This is my life.

I deal with several diapers, countless spills, tears, tantrums, and hours of general fussiness a week. I'm lucky if I get a full 5 minutes to sit at a time. An hour - heck 20 minutes- with out being touched is unheard of.

How did I get here? When did I become the Mom? I mean I have been for a while but some how it's been hitting me super hard.

But I can't ponder this for much longer...The girls just woke up from a nap and Riley woke up in a more (if it's possible) foul mood than she was in when she fell asleep TWO hours ago- sweet heaven it's been ice first 2 hour break I've had from her in weeks (except when Ryan's taken her but that isn't the same).

Some times ... Well that's for another post. It's been a very rough few weeks. I know I'm learning a lot but the process isn't all that fun. And Amity's pulling herself to hands and knees and staring at the juicy looking computer cord wishing with all her little heart- it's written all over her drooley little face- that she could crawl over grab hold and teeth all over the electrical cord.

yup, my life.

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