Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Review on Grace Based Parenting

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Now I don't have to tell "my readers" this, but I am no expert. Actually lately, I am finding I know absolutely nothing about being a parent. I am daily faced with my humanity and the responsability before me. It is overwhelming some times. I know there are quite a few books out there, and even several reviews on this book. But I wanted to share what I got from Grace Based Parenting by Dr Tim Kimmel.

Now to many the Title Grace Based Parenting can be a big "no thank you". It could sound right of the bat like, "here is a book on how to let your kids walk all over every body and every boundry". It's not.

This isn't actually a book on "How to discipline". He doesn't have any "if your child does this, than you should do this" scenerios. His book focuses more on, when your children leave your home, at any age, but specifically when they head off on their own- what do you want them to be equipped with?

This book has challenged me in so many ways. It has not only impacted how I view my job as a parent. But also my job as a child of God. I am seeing little traces of it in how I interact with people, how I handle hurtful and hard situations. It has not only taught me about what Grace means as a parent. But what Grace means before God, as his child. As a wife, towards my husband (and before my husband). As a daughter, a sister, a friend, a driver out on the road.

In his book Dr. Kimmel discusses the deepest roots and needs of every human being.

1. A need for security- A SECURE LOVE
2. A need for significant - A SIGNIFICANT PURPOSE
3. A Need for strength - A STRONG HOPE

More later.

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