Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just some random stuff.

Becky, I doubt you'll get a ton of time in the next couple of days to read (then again if breastfeeding goes well you might be a one-handed wonder and looking for some thing to do! :0)

I thought I'd share this site: I wish I had found it before (and maybe you already have but throwing it out there!) Aha! Parenting
I found it so interesting- I wish I had read all those articles before.

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BIRTH OF AIDEN! I'm SOO excited, and you and Nathan must be absolutely thrilled he's finally here!!! :0)

Onto other things... it was such an awesome day. I got to cuddle and nap with Amity all morning. I don't know I have always loved 3month stage, but right now I am absolutely twitterpated. Amity is such a little bundle of fun, seriously!
Need to write this out because I haven't.

Birth: 7lbs 15 oz 21inches tall. A smiley amazing goober
2day: 7lbs 13oz
2week: 10lbs8oz 22inches
6weeks 13lbs2oz (I don't think we did height) giggling, smiling and very interactive, "talking" and jabbering. Starting to roll over on occassion.
2months: 15lbs and 24(? - we skipped that well baby visit! Going at 4mos for sure!)
3months: 16lbs 26inches tall and smiling, rolling over, laughing out loud, loooves to play games. Itsybitsy spider, "so big" (gets a big laugh) and "this little piggy" are big hits.

There! I still haven't gotten Amity a baby book (poor neglected 2nd child) and I haven't written that all out yet (yikes!) so glad I have some document of it ...Aiden's birth today made me realize how fast time flies and I can't believe we don't have a newborn in the house any more. Watching the video of him made me want another one, almost. :0D I really do not want to go through labor again anytime soon- I need another while to forget THAT.

Anyway, Ryan just came down the girls are asleep- need to go clean up from supper and then it's oreo and The Office Time!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is just a fancy way of saying it's time for a at-home date *Wiggle eyebrows*.

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