Friday, November 20, 2009

I had some thing I really wanted to write about.

But I can't exactly think of what it was. We went to the ICAN meetings this morning. I love those meetings, it means so much to be around other c/s mom's... All the Mom's there that have had VBACS did it at home!

Those meetings are also hard, it's hard to hear the horrendous treatment of women still in place in hosiptals. It makes me sick. It also brings up other issues I have with Riley's birth... Just remembering it...I really do need to write out every thing I remember about it...I mean even the negative things...I was so extremely numb the first few months. I still am OKAY with how it happened...But especially since Amity was born and seeing how beautiful it CAN be it makes me even sadder about what happened with Riley. And remembering certain things I feel angry.

The woman who started the group talked with me about becoming an officer... I am praying about what I should do... I think I'd like to be a co-leader and help run the morning meetings to free her up. I'm just not sure.
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This is a scrocess some more before I write.

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