Friday, August 7, 2009

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am STILL pregnant. According to u/s date I am 39w4days pregnant LMP date: 41w6days pregnant and waiting.

I am STILL miserable.

TMI but the diarrhea is getting worse and worse and every time I go it sets off a big ugly round of contractions. I was up for hours last night, I slept from 11-1 and woke up with a whopper of a contraction- had to pee... Used the bathroom and went back to sleep (or at least dozed) untill 2:45 and gave up on tossing and turning and came downstairs... I drank a lot of water to see if that would help the contractions (it didn't), I sat up and read on my computer and then did 20 minutes of prenatal yoga...After yoga I drank some more and went up and did some Imagery Birthing- that is the ONLY way I can get to sleep right now- so thankful for it!!!! I did the labor affirmations and tried my hardest to relax- finally fell back to sleep around 5am and slept untill just before 7 when Riley woke up and started pressing her head against mine and going "hi".

Still contracting this morning, I am not timing them but the ones when I'm walking around are really uncomfortable- like I want to stop walking NOW kinda uncomfy...Sitting ones just ache but feel more like the baby is stretching his/her head into my cervix- doens't really hurt just feels like weird movement/pressure.

I hope the baby comes soon...I don't think I can do another day of this. But then again, I felt that way on Wednesday night and I have obviously made it another day...Going to try to stay busy today.

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