Monday, July 27, 2009


I became THAT pregnant woman. If I swore, and didn't have a sponge of a toddler near me at all times, I would have been going at it like a sailor. The contractions are unreal, I hate my husband (no I don't. But I want to when I'm having a contraction and he's commenting on how he didn't trip me I tripped myself...I AM RIGHT- I am RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING untill this baby is BORN!!!!! Oh and if I didn't get some thing done today becuase I'm tired OH WELL!!!!!!!!!! I can't nest like a mad woman every day) I am unbelievably miserable at this moment. I had my 38 week appointment this morning, now 2cm and 20% effaced. Baby is at 0 station- possibly +1 and I wouldn't doubt it after this evenings walk, I am losing my mind with the pressure. I feel like I have to poop constantly, peeing is so uncomfortable I am seriously moaning every time I sit on the toilet to pee. I am going crazy.

Baby's heart rate was 140bpm and still LOA.

I feel like such a terrible wuss - 2 more weeks of this??? I know, I know in the grand scheme 2 weeks is NOTHING, even another 4 weeks is NOTHING. It'll go by in a blink and I'll have my baby in my arms. I'll miss this close special time I get with just baby. But rolling over in bed makes me want to cry, going from sitting to standing makes me whimper and dd has started saying "oooooow" when she sees me stand up or sit down- becuase that's what I am saying with every centemeter I'm moving. I feel like I am on my period- the worst period of my life... The baby's shoulder is jabbing into my back when I have a contraction and it HURTS. I don't feel like I can do this much longer, take that ANY LONGER.

And I am grumpy and annoyed over stupid pointless stuff. My Mom wants to have company on Sunday after church, I want ot scream- I don't want any one to see me like this, hugely swollen incredibly preggo and slightly insane. And yes just down right bitchy. AND I don't want ANY plans for the weekends right now- doesn't she understand- plans might inhibit me from going into labor!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP THE DAMN PEOPLE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! She already had a house full of girls (my cousins ages 6,9,11) over LAST weekend- yeah I wasn't expecting to go into labor but STILL. AND they left a huge crazy incredible annoying mess that I am still trying to catch up on! And they wasted several cups of OUR milk. They just left it sit out and didn't drink it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought the gallon on Friday and it's almost GONE!

Oh and then "people" complain about aches and pains (*cough* my Mom *cough*) or being tired (*cough* Ryan *cough*) and I want to kill them...Yes KILL!!!!!

In case you can't tell I am not sensoring myself very well at the moment- I am freaking incredibly beyond any thing miserable.

After this child is out I am never ever ever ever ever having sex again. I'm not kidding.

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  1. :-( I reall do love you... I hope baby #2 comes out soon.


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