Tuesday, July 21, 2009

just trying to work it out...

The evening was pretty miserable last night. Just standing up makes the contractions every 2 minutes and STRONG...Walking makes them pinchand burn in my cervix- and need to pee non-stop.

No position was comfortable there for a few hours, laying on my side was the only way the contractions slowed down. It was getting to the point where I was getting a little panicky about getting them to stop- they hurt and I just don't want to deal with any thing untill the baby is actually coming.

Ryan blew up the birth pool for me last night we filled it up to see how our hot water heater would do with it and see what would work best as far as water level- that way there is no goofing around with it when I'm in labor and NEED it... And it was a nice excuse for me to climb in and soak for a long time- it felt soooooOOOOooo good, I was still contracting but I think I only had 3 or 4 while in there- the baby really seemed to like the water.

I slept REALLY well after all the nice soaking, I didn't get to bed untill after 11 but RJ didn't make a peep (that I remember) last night and we both slept in untill 8 so, I still got a really great nights sleep. I mean besides waking up every time I needed to roll over, or to get up to pee a few times...

I'm trying to decide on what we're going to do today. I have some housework I've gotta get done today... I was thinking about taking Riley to the mall this morning and letting her run around (with the puppy pack) there for a while- it's rainy out today and I don't feel like being stuck in the house ... I'm just a bit torn, most of me just wants to stay on the couch or in bed for the next month, I really am honestly in no hurry to get this baby out. I seriously feel like it could happen any time now almost like this baby is pretty much ready, and I'm the one holding up the works. I just feel sad and scared of all the changes coming. Seriously, as uncomfortable as I am, I really really really am not ready. And in the grand scheme of things 3 or 5 weeks isn't that long... DAYS seems like it's a blink- and ...well I'm just nervous about all the new stuff on the way. I'm a little scared about the changes for Riley Joy- I just want her to be okay with every thing, I mean I know she will eventually if *I* am...But it's just weird. I never expected to feel THIS way.

Well going to go force myself to clean the kitchen and then decide what I'm up for today.

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