Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just a Pregnancy Vent

I wish people would stop complaining about how bloated, fat or otherwise gross they feel when I'm around. My Mom ate too much supper and was going on and on last night about her big belly. !!!!!!!!!!!!! I was ready to slap her.
I am so swollen, I am 35+lbs up from my pre-pregnancy weight and retaining water like all get out. I feel very very fluffy and awkward. I have already gained all that I wanted to gain and I still have a good well at least 5 lbs to go if baby gains the .5lbs a week s/he's supposed to.

It just sucks this time. I loved my body (sort of) with RJ I was so proud of my belly and just felt pretty (at least some of the time) this time around I've gained a lot faster, I dont' feel pretty at all and I HURT. Oh and I KNOW what my body looks like with out the cute bump. I know it takes 6-12 weeks for the rest of my body to shrink back when the baby is out... 6-12 weeks of feeling big (though tahnkfully and hopefully more comfortable than last time around- no big cut through all my abdominal muscles and gall bladder pain).

Only seven weeks untill the due date- 7. Though I'm definitley not gaining as fast in the 3rd trimester I'm also dealing with the "body is getting ready" gross stuff...

The lovely extra waterfall (definitely NOT water!) in the netherland area. I gotta say, unbelievably gross!!! I forgot about this unpleasant pregnancy thing. I remember the 3rd trimester being like this with dd at the end- but I think it's even worse with the summer heat- I'm sweating profusely AND running down there like a river- all mixing together leaving me feeling very unclean indeed. BAH!

Also the swelling, body just holding onto those extra fluids just beautifully. MUCH worse this time aroud thanks to the weather. I am going to be peeing like a crazy woman when this kid is finally out. I remember when RJ was born I thought I had peed a lot at the very end- the first week she was here I was peeing like crazy getting rid of all the extra fluid- this time around should be fun too. Hopefully I won't have any IV fluids involved making it worse- but it will be a summer baby so I'll have the natural stuff to flush out, fun fun fun!
And the extra blood flow- ugh that is not fun- it's so annoying. I don't know if it's worse some times because the baby is really active and that is challenging me- but some times I jsut feel so very winded- for no reason!

Not to mention my brother said some thing mean the other day...very unnecessary. I was swollen and exhausted after a very busy day and he was in the kitchen with my Mom. He asked my Mom if she'd lost weight recently- Mom said she didn't think so... B said "Oh just wondering, because if you did Hannah found it."

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been getting a lot of comments like that this time around- why do people think it's okay to make fun of a preggo woman?? Yes, I've gained weight, yes I've got a big belly...I am uncommonly large and already my belly is bigger than it was at 39 weeks with RJ. It doesn't make me immune to comments on my body okay?!?!? I feel so ugly right now.

Summer babies are waaaaay harder than winter. Next baby I want in April, got it?!?!

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