Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Great Loss!

So I heard last week from my current midwife that the old midwife group (CNM's) has been banned from practicing AT ALL in LHV Hospital!!! Well I heard on mothering and another site that it turns out Laurice attended a successful breech delivery (some thing CNM's aren't "allowed" to do) and the hospital has kicked her and Tina out!!! They are no longer allowed to practice at all. :0(

Now I have my own hangups with The Midwives. Not that I don't respect a lot of what Laurice does- her passion for woman's health is unequaled. BUT I did end up with a c/s under her care- a c/s I feel might have been avoided- though I admit RJ was in an awful position but there are things that we could have tried that MIGHT have worked. The more I research and learn I feel like my c/s could have been avoided with better prenatal education. She never told me about spinningbabies or tried any of their techinques on me to get my daughter into a better position. And though they mentioned in the last appointment or two that RJ was "head down but slightly posterior" they didn't stress to me [a first time mother] how I really really needed to work to get her in the best position- or gave me tools to DO IT (besides saying to make sure I "spend time on your hands and knees"- how much time?? WHY?? Any thing else???) .

Maybe I had too high of expectations of what they would be like during labor. But I have met SO many mothers who have been under their care and raved about Laurice, and how hands on she was during labor (and she and Tina were with me the entire night which I appreciated, that really did mean a lot!!) the things they tried to do "to get baby to turn" (they had me laying on my sides in bed and discouraged being up moving, and I did about 30 minutes on my knees hugging the birth ball- ha!) really from what I've seen on spinning babies wouldn't do a thing- there are so many other things they could have tried, should have tried if they were serious about getting my labor back on track.

Ah well hindsite is always 20/20 right?

ANYWAY, regardless of my feelings about how they handled MY labor with RJ I still really respect their work- and I know that they have helped thousands of woman and attended many many many VBAC's giving woman the options they want (as much as possible in a big busy hospital)...They have truely been an advocate.

You can read the threads on the sites

Here and Here

I am considering writing a letter to the addresses in the first link and hopefully LHVH will change their mind.

If they can't find a hospital to practice in it really will be a great loss on this front in our area!

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