Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Real Quick

Just a quick post...I'm off to my 24 week prenatal with the midwife... I am not looking forward to getting weighed. At 24 weeks I have gained almost as much as I did with my entire pregnancy with RJ. :0( Ah well, goobie seem sto be healthy and I the weight gain has definitely slowed down the past 2 weeks, I finally caught on to the fact that since I'm not really producing milk (though still nursing several times a day) any more I needed to pull back my portions a lot- I am just so HUNGRY all the time.

Ah well, I don't feel absolutely huge- or as huge as I will come July/August I suppose... Goobie has the hiccups AGAIN... Goodness she (or he?) gets them A LOT.

I have a lot to share on here and I'm looking forward to it...Now if I don't close this NOW I will be late- I am trying to discpline myself to leave 10 minutes before I think I need to, that way I actually get out the door on time- it alway stakes twice as long as I think it's going to!

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