Sunday, May 8, 2011

Journey Through Motherhood...Happy Mother's Day

This is my 5th year to celebrate this special day...

The first year I remember clearly, dry heaving in the church bathroom, 5 or 6 weeks pregnant. I went home early. Then a lunch at my Mom's where I sipped lemons in water trying to keep some thing down.

Me with the hubby and siblings...I'm the one with the classy seabands
Then my second mother's day... The first one with a real outside-breathing-real-as-can-be-baby
We were tired...And she was trying to catch a nap at church.

My first mother's day lunch at cracker barrel...Roo enjoyed a different kind of meal (yes back in the days when I used a cover, soon became a giant "I'm nursing look at us" white flag!)
My 3rd Mother's Day... I didn't get an actual picture on Mother's Day...But this is very close. Roo at about 15mos, and Friendly in utero.
My 4th..Last year celebrating Mother's Day in Florida with Hubby's family. This was after nap.
And this year...Who needs to sleep in? Or breakfast in bed! Friendly was up and at em around 6 a.m....I could have sent her out with hubby. But I enjoyed the snuggles. The early rising inspired the idea of coffee (and donuts) at Wegman's a favorite family treat.
They demolished their donuts!
The girls went to church with Hubby and I stayed home and went for a run/walk...Spent some time with Jesus....Did some yoga/pilates fusion work out... They came home and I napped the couch Friendly came out and found me when she woke up:
We enjoyed some after nap snuggles

I can't say what a blessing this part of Mothering has been to me...I wish all women could experience the joys that are in these moments.

Roo picked out a flower for me at church, she ran and got it for me right after her nap. 

She also drew this picture for me...It's me! I am so blessed to be called "mommie" by these sweet little joys . I still can't believe...

I'm some one's Mommie.

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