Saturday, April 16, 2011

Funny How It Hits You...But not really.

At this moment, I'm curled up in a corner window seat at my local Panera Bread. I'm sitting next to a window and the rain is pouring down outside. As I waited for my computer to connect to the network I listened to the couple next to me prattle away in Spanish. It reminds me of my time in Spain... Sitting in a cafe with friends, quickly using their lap top for a few minutes so I could write home. Or at an internet cafe/laundromat in Roma (Italy, obviously) listening to people go on in several different languages.


Erhem, back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

I'm feeling especially... relaxed? tired? done? sad? relieved? quiet? I'm not sure. I've started and erased this so many times. I'm "still" grieving. It really surprises me how hard. And how it will randomly it will hit me.

*deep breath* not crying in Panera Bread, seriously.

I would have been 12 weeks today.

That's all.

I miss you baby, I hope you're having fun with your Papa G.

Okay crying in Panera Bread a little bit.

Just a little.

To my next post...the "well behaved child".

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