Saturday, October 9, 2010

Well...Counting my Blessings.

You know those weeks where you're so worn out you can barely think straight.

I've had 2 in a row.

I hate when my littles are sick. Lil Roo came down with a stomach bug last Saturday and has been weak, barfing, and runny tummy since then.

It's been enough for me to want to get a good hospital grade breast pump and start pumping several ounces of milk for her a day. At least for the winter! She has lost so much weight this week- and as she has never even topped 30lbs, and she's tall for her age: she didn't exactly have any to spare.

I wonder if I'll get better at it as she grows? Better at dealing with the illnesses, the pitiful heartbreaking "Mommie I feel awful"s?

Last night she threw up (yes almost a week after starting this whole deal) in the car when my Mom was driving her home from a "date" (their special time together, Riley's been begging for a Nana date for weeks!). It was horrible. Hubby was taking her out of her pukey clothes by the bathtub and she was crying, "Mommie, I threw up all over my beautiful dress. It's just so terrible!" (yes she's 2.75 going on 10).

I'm concerned. I'm wondering if we need to get her tested for other issues or if this is just one of those things.

Either way, I got her some glutan free snacks (I have an inkling some thing is going on with me there, and maybe her too) and lots of easy to digest fruit. So hopefully she's truely on the mend.

This last week has made me realize how very blessed we are to have generally healthy children. This pat week parents of chronically or terminally ill children have been on my heart so much. Praying for grace for them as they carry the burden and stresses involved. Raising littles is a lot of work, and it is so easy to feel over whelmed with the daunting task of molding their character and the concern to raise Godly and strong kids. I can't imagine the stress of just trying to keep them or get them healthy on top of that.

Waiting until Monday to figure all this out. I don't even know where to start. But maybe she really will feel better by then...

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  1. Sorry to hereabout your litle one. My oldest daughter had a similar thing happen around the age of 2 and it continued for a while. She was always a small girl, never put on weight, and barfed ALL the time. After much heartache and tears trying to figure outwhy she was so sick all the time, we finally figured out that she had Celiac Disease...

    I think you are on to something with the gluten-free snacks.


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