Monday, July 26, 2010

So many books...So Little time!

There have been SO many things I've wanted to write about. But I so rarely get time to do writing right now. When I do get to sit down at the computer it's usually only for a few minutes, and never when I can write out a long stream of any thing.

1)I just finished (well last week) Families Where Grace Is In Place. INCREDIBLE BOOK! I can't wait to blog about it.

2) Finished Motherhood Stress...But have some different perspective on that as well.

3) Amity is starting to walk, and she's turning into a toddler before my eyes...Emptying out cupboards, throwing beautiful tantrums over every thing, climbing up things I never dreamed a baby would dare to conquer. She's starting to say real words, sentences even. She'll be 1 in 2 weeks, I can't admit that one yet. I feel so sad about that.

4)I'm learning some new things, about me as a person. It's refreshing.

I'd love to talk more about it... But you know what's super exciting???I need to run because I need to put two little sun washed bodies to bed, early! We spent the day running around at the park and then swimming with friends all afternoon. We're beat!!

I miss you blog, I will come back to writing more soon...I have a lot to say...A lot to process.

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