Friday, June 25, 2010

So Not PC

But I can't resist sharing THIS.

Have to say: breastfeeding the first few weeks IS a lot of work. Or at least it was for me. Especially the first time it IS a huge adjustment. When your pregnant you are gradually lead into sharing your body. First you feel the flutters, then the kicks, then the rolls, and eventually your sharing so much of your body you're desperate to get baby OUT. Then you finally do, you're holding your delicious baby. And your body is still being shared, baby is still fully (in it's mind) part of you.
On top of baby needing you, your body is sore from delivery, and that starts to feel a bit better but then your milk comes in and your sore. The first 2 weeks it seems like some thing new hurts every day. And then your body starts to feel more normal. But the baby keeps going.

What Mom's need to hear in the midst of this (or what I wish I had heard from a veteran mom!):

You're doing awesome. It gets so much better. One day a few weeks down the road, you'll wake up and realize you feel rested. You'll realize that the latching and the snuggling are second nature. RELAX! It doesn't have to look a certain way! Snuggle your baby close do what Mother's have done for thousands of years: one with their babies. They held them close, kept them close revelled in the oneness. It takes time to learn to live with your baby on the outside. Ask for help when you need some space. But enjoy your baby.

I never formula fed. But I gotta say after the first big growth spurt at 3 weeks (which was when my oversupply started to even out a leetle) breasteeding was SO easy with my second! I mean I felt so rested (for having a newborn)! I kept scratching my head wondering when the real zombie-land was going to come. It did come around 4-6mos when she started getting ready to crawl. And now again she's learning to walk and boy am I tired. I've actually been thinking about getting my thyroid checked. But then I remember how restless Amity is and think...I'll hold off until she's walking. Oh the joys of those big milestones!

The author of that little post does make a good point. With as unstable as the world is today breastfeeding is the safest option. I remember hearing that after Hurricane Katrina they had aide workers down there working with Mom's helping them relactate because formula was just too dangerous because water was limited. If some natural disaster (or other war-like disaster) were to hit the nursing mothers are prepared. Just a thought.

A friend shared that on facebook and I decided not to post there...I didn't feel like drama. But had to share some where, it made me smile. I will add (just to be a bit pc?) that I've known Mamas who've taken premixed forumla in a warmer to bed for baby's night feeding and they co-slept just fine. But that still does require more dishes and preperation (ie work). Than just popping your breast in babys mouth and falling back to sleep. :0)

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