Friday, April 16, 2010


You know, life isn't about things. But I've just got to share how blown away by God's provision the past 2 weeks. He's just been surprising me with little (and big!) extra's. I truely don't deserve it!

Last week at the $1 sale at the local consignment shop I found all of dd's fall/winter/spring stuff for the year for $35 and much of it will fit them both the fall/winter after that (especially dd2=hand-me-downs). It's all really nice quality clothing, some name-brand, some brand new!!!!

Then a good friend gave me a beautiful pack 'n play for dd2 to nap in (I won't say how many times she's fallen off or almost fallen off our bed the last few weeks- dd1 never just RACED towards the edge heedlessly, I'm starting to realize that's not so normal).

Then yesterday I was driving home and some one had this beautiful white glider/rocker with ottoman sitting out for the trash. I've been wanting a glider for years but we could never afford them (even the Salvation Army ones were more than I wanted to spend) it needs a new cover on the cushions- thankfully I can sew and have some extra fabric I can use! It is SO comfortable.

If that wasn't enough, DH surprised me on Monday with a new double jogger stroller!!!!!! I'm training to run a 5k in July and we really needed a new stroller (double) as dd2 is getting to heavy to wear (and runnign with baby on back is a big no-no) now I can train and this stroller is just such an incredible blessing!

THEN, today I won a $20 gift certificate to another local consignment sale. I was kinda wondering how we'd afford clothing for the girls this summer, dd1 had 3 things that fit her from last year, and dd2 had even less.

Between that gift certificate the $35 I spent at the $1 winter clothes consignmet sale and the $20 I spent tonight I got a whole years wardrobe for 2 girls for $54(I bought a toy for dd2 at the $1 sale). All dd1 needs yet is a winters jacket but I'm not too worried about it: family likes to shop for coats specifically the MIL- she's bought all of Ri's coats.

I just can't get over this out pouring the last 2 weeks. Like God's like, "see I really am taking care of you, I see you."
Money has been so tight, we've been trying to be SO good- and He's honored that and provided. I LOVE consignment sales- I got some really really cute outfits for RJ and AJ for the summer.

I've been having a rough time in other areas, but this has just been amazing. so THANK YOU LORD! You really do see and provide.

Edit to add: I didn't even mention the VAN!!! That is an absolute blessing, it is so nice to load the kids into it- so easy!!

Okay some one is pulling at my leg crying..."mmmmma!!!' gotta go.

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